Equine Sports Medicine Practice is a specialized veterinary service dedicated to sport and race horses. 


ESMP offers ambulatory consultations and medical and athletic follow-ups in working horses. It also proposes special diagnostic exams to evaluate poor performance, whatever the horses’ discipline. 

Horses are amazing athletes that excel in very different disciplines: from racing to dressage, endurance to show jumping. Each discipline requires a specific physical preparation.

To reach and maintain peak performance and stay healthy throughout his or her career, each athlete needs to be regularly monitored. 

ESMP is dedicated to the health and performance of your horse. 

With cutting edge equipment, ESMP provides special exams that may be done both at rest and during exercise, in real working conditions.

Moreover, ESMP offers a service of specialised consultations in internal medicine in case of a medical problem happening to your horse: respiratory, digestive, neurological or hormonal problem, weight loss or poor body condition..

« A successful athletic career does not happen by chance »



Board-certified specialists, at your side, in the field.



Cutting edge equipment to perform specialised tests in the field.